Swagbucks Bonus Event Dads VS Grads

Swagbucks is having a bonus event all this week, Dad’s VS Grads. Every now and then they have bonus events where you have the chance to earn some extra Swagbucks. This time they’re doing three of our favorite ways all at the same time. They have a team challenge, swag code extravaganza and collector bill’s. My favorite is the team challenges, just by joining a team and collecting just 1 point during the challenge you’re guaranteed to get the bonus Swagbucks. Do one of the daily polls and you’ve got 15 bonus points automatically.

3rd Annual Dads vs Grads Team Challenge (Tuesday, June 10th – Friday, June 13th at noon)

You can help your team earn points with the following activities:

  • Surveys: Get rewarded for giving your opinions and you’ll also contribute 4 pts to your team total
  • Encrave: Every time you earn SB interacting with Encrave activities you contribute 3 pts to your team total
  • Games: Every time you earn SB playing games you contribute 3 pts to your team total
  • Search: Search the web and every time you earn SB you will contribute 2 pts to your team total
  • Special Offers: Complete offers and earn SB on desktop and mobile to contribute 2 pts to your team total
  • SBTV: Watch your favorite clips on SBTV and SBTV mobile to contribute 1 pt to y our team total every time you earn SB
  • Redeem Swag Codes: Every Swag Code you redeem also adds 1 pt to your team total

The team with the most points and the end (12:00pm PT Friday, June 13th) of Dads vs Grads wins!  And of course, EVERY TEAM WINS!

  • Winning team members whom contribute between 1 – 399 points to the team total will receive 25 bonus SB
  • Contribute 400 or more and get 100 SB!
  • Runner-up team members whom contribute between 1 – 399 points to the team total will receive 10 bonus SB
  • Contribute 400 or more and get 75 SB!
So if you join the challenge you are guaranteed to earn 10 Swagbucks just for doing 1 daily poll! Simple right.
During the team challenge your searches could give you collector bills. Collect them all and you earn 10 Swagbucks. If these weren’t already enough on Wed June 7th they are having a  Swag Code Extravaganza. This is when they release a bunch of swag codes throughout the day on their twitter, facebook and blog. If you check in on your teams page they usually share them so that the whole team can claim the code.

To join the challenge sign up for Swagbucks here, then use the search bar and search for swagbucks blog (this gives you the chance to earn swagbucks for your search!) Scroll down until you find the blog titled “Swagbucks Tips & Tricks: Detailing the Best Week Ever!” than look for this button in the blog post to join a team!

Are you new to Swagbucks and what to learn more? Check out my previous post on what it is and how you can start earning gift cards for your regular online activity.

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