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Hotel Transylvania Birthday Invite

This week I started the plans for Liz’s 11th birthday!  She of course wanted a sleepover, and to take some friends to the movies. I searched for what was coming out and found that Hotel Transylvania 2 was in theaters on her birthday weekend. I knew it was a perfect fit.  The look on Liz’s face when I mentioned it gave me a 100% YES!

I didn’t find many invite options on Pinterest. So I came up with my own.  I found the image on the Hotel Transylvania 2 website.  I added the party info using PicMonkey. Love this website for photo editing!

And the result:

Birthday party invitation for a Hotel Transylvania Sleepover Movie Night!


I’m printing them today and sending them to her friends on Monday! I also made a matching copy for the family party I will be having on the Sunday!  Makes it very simple and still very fun.

Thomas the Train Birthday Party

When we had William’s 2nd birthday party we went all out!  It was a blast and the Thomas the train theme was perfect for this train obsessed little boy.

Thomas the Train Birthday party ideas.

The party invitations were a hit.

Thomas the train invitation, for train birthday party.


I even made the food match the theme (or the table that held the food at least)

Thomas the train birthday party food table decorations


The kids loved the Thomas the train favors.

Thomas the train birthday party favors


And my favorite part THE CAKE!

Thomas The Train Birthday Cake



Planning an awesome party doesn’t need to cost a ton. If you are interested in more info on any of these items just click on the picture. This will take you to the post on how I made them!


This post was made during the A to Z Challenge in 2015!

 is for Birthday!

Gifts and How to Save on Gift Giving … A to Z Challenge

There is a lot of money to be saved when it comes to giving gifts. I found this out the hard way when my daughter started school. In junior kindergarten she was invited to about 10 birthdays! Most of these I had about a week (or less) notice. So I ended up having to buy a lot of gifts at full price. I have a maximum amount I will spend so I had to work a bit harder to keep under budget. Fast forward to today, there are a lot gifts we give out during the year. These include birthdays, Christmas, Easter, weddings & baby gifts just to name a few. We have a large group of friends that we love as well as nephews, parents, siblings and of course our family of 5! Wow thinking about all of it reminds me I need to start budgeting for Christmas now.

Save money of gift giving. We all give gifts thoughout the year why not save some money too.

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Party Favors For Thomas The Train Birthday Party

I like to have a little thank you gift for the kids that come to our birthday parties. You can easily spend tons of money on these. Especially if there is a good number of kids, William’s party had 12 kids invited, plus our 3. Can you say crazy house full?
So I wanted a nice treat but didn’t want to spend a lot. I found the Thomas The Train cups at Party City and went from there.

Thomas the train birthday party favors

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