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Norwex Dusting Mitt vs Dusty TV Stand

So how well does the Norwex dusting mitt handle the dust that builds up on your TV stand?  If you are like me and have pets there is also a lot of hair to grab too. Can a mitt really grab a hold of that dust and hair without using a spray?

Lets see how the dusting mitt handles all of that mess.



Did you know the Norwex dusting mitt has a 2 year warranty?  It is also likely to work even longer when properly cared for!

What are you using to dust right now?  How much will you spend over a 2 year period?  Tell me about it in the comments below.


Cleaning My Windows With Only Water and Norwex!

How many times do you clean your windows in a month? How many times a year do you have to buy window cleaner and paper towels? How great do your windows look when freshly washed? Last question 🙂  How do you feel after cleaning the windows? Can you smell the cleaner, feel it on your hands, do you inhale what you are spraying?

I promise I have a reason for this long list of questions. But truly think about them for a minute. Many of us have been using “standard” cleaners for so long we haven’t stopped to think that there might be a better way. A greener, healthier, faster and cheaper way!

Want to clean your windows with just water AND have them shine like brand new? Than you have got to see what a Norwex basic package has done for my windows! Even the kids can help clean now.


I clean ALL my windows (and mirrors) with only water and my Norwex cloths!  The Enviro and Window cloths to be exact. I love the results! Check them out for yourself below. Continue reading

My New Adventure… I Started My Own Business

Have you noticed I haven’t been posting a lot lately? Wondering where I have been? No I’m not pregnant again 😉 Back in August I started my own business! I am officially a Independent Norwex Sales Consultant! Now that I have been in business for 6 months I know that I will be sticking with it for the long haul and just have to share it with you.

Guess who is helping you save money, time your health and the environment now!

So what is Norwex? It is a large quantity of products that will help you reduce the use of chemicals in your life! Continue reading

Organizing Your Medicine Cabinet… A to Z Challenge

I was very stuck on the letter O. I turned to my Facebook friends for help. I got so many great ideas it was hard to pick just one.  I choose organizing as I had been planned on cleaning up my medicine cabinet and the time to stop procrastinating was now.

Turned out cleaning out my medicine cabinet was well needed. I found a medicine that expired in 2008! So lets dive into it.

Organize your medicine cabinet. Get rid of the old expired products.

Continue reading