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Baby Steps To Get Back The Home We Love

You know how sometimes something happens and we just don’t have a chance to keep up with the day-to-day things in life. When the dishes and laundry and other chores just seem to pile up day after day after day. You look at your house and wonder how will I ever get it back to the way that it was. To the way that I like to it, so that it feels like home again.

Well this is how I feel right now after dealing with over two months of extreme morning sickness. Where all my energy was spent on keeping myself and the kids alive. Now that I’m feeling better I want to get things back in order. It would be nice to have people over and be happy about it. Or to leave for a day and not worry about the mess waiting for me at home.

Well this starts now! I’m going to take the steps needed to get it all done. They will be baby steps as taking on such a big project requires more than just a day or two six of work. I will try to get things done in order on this list in hopes that it will make the process easier for me.

1. Get the things done that pile up over time, the things that if you continue to leave them they will continue to pile up. This would be things like dishes, laundry, garbage and incoming mail.
Even if I only get one load or one envelope done today I know that that’s one less item that will be on top of the pile for tomorrow.

Get your house cleaned, use baby steps

2. Getting back to cooking/preparing meals. Once dishes are caught up and the kitchen is functioning again it will be easier to start making homemade meals again. (YES! no more Mac and Cheese) I have started with just getting a meat out of the freezer in the morning for dinner. Than before I know it I will be making full family meals again.

3.Cleaning bathrooms. Lets admit it as hard as my hubby tries he just can’t get it as clean as I do. I think he doesn’t want this job passed on to him 😉

4. General cleaning up, this is all the things that I left alone while trying to catch up. Things like packing up the winter clothes. Switching my regular clothes for maternity clothes (and getting the boxes back to storage). Picking up the toys at are spread in every room in our house. This list goes on and on. Everyone will have different items in the step. But they are things that still need to be done.

5. Keep it all clean and on track. Hopefully nothing else happens and you can keep things clean/in order once they are all back to you standards. Or in my case prepare better for when I am busy with a newborn.

By following these steps I was able to get past the overwhelming feeling of looking at my “run down” house and concentrate on getting it back to a manageable home. I still have a ways to go, but I’m working on step 4, while not letting the others fall behind. I’ve learned to look past the toys everywhere, lets admit it if I clean them up they are back on the floor in 5 mins.  Everyday I get a bit more done, and I feel a bit better. Soon this should all be a distant memory!


Have you every had something stop you from keeping up with life? How did you manage?