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Common Pregnancy Discomforts and Solutions

Pregnancy, for some women it is a time full of joy and pleasure.
Than there are women like me. Many times during our long nine months we are left wondering what we ever did to deserve such a horrible experience.Β The good news is we are not alone many mom-to-be’s experience the bad side of pregnancy, some worse than others.

It helps if you can remember that after enduring the discomforts for 9 months it will all end. And it will give you the greatest gift you could ever imagine.
I wish I had some magic solution that makes all the horrible pregnancy discomforts go away but I don’t, sorry πŸ™ What I can offer you is how I have been able to handle the no so happy parts of pregnancy. Hopefully these are ideas you can use and they will help make these 9 months easier on you.

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