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Father’s Day Card By a Toddler

This year for Father’s Day I wanted to do something fun with William. He’s still too young for a lot of craft idea I have, so we stuck with a card. It’s something fun to make that didn’t require a lot of attention or time; perfect for a toddler. I hope daddy will like it.

A Father's Day card that a toddler can make. Fun playful craft that a 2 year old can make with only a little help.

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15 Easter Crafts for Kids

Looking for a fun craft to do with the kids this Easter? Here are 15 crafts I found that would be great to try. The best part you should have most of the things at home already for most of them. Making them free to do!  Some might require purchasing a few items but they were so cute I had to include them.  Happy Crafting!

15 Easter Crafts for Kids, Most are made with things you might already have at home. Some very cute ones too.



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Snowman Family Christmas Ornament

I wanted to do a fun Christmas ornament with the kids this year to give as a gift to the grandparents. I found many on Pinterest and really liked the look of the Snowman Handprint Ornament. It looks like the original post was on this website.

The only thing that was wrong with this ornament was the fact that I have 8 ornaments to make and 2 kids. So that would be 16 ornaments all together. Seemed like too much to try and get done before Christmas. So I decided to make these ornaments personalized to our family. Each of our fingerprints for each snowman. 

Family Finger-Print Snowman Christmas Ornament - Great Gift Idea

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