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Building our new Raised Garden Bed


Over the past 2 days Trev and I have spent all our time outside building a raised bed for my vegetable garden. It was so easy the first time we decided to build 2. This makes me very happy as it gives me more space to grow more fruits & vegetable. Which in turn will help us save money. Plus produce fresh from the garden is so much better than from the store.

This is what the space looked like when we started, I have used this space for growing mainly strawberries, raspberries & tomatoes. It is fenced off so that the dogs didn’t run through it.

Garden area before we started

Garden area before we started

I searched on-line (mostly on Pinterest) and found the Continue reading

5 Ways to Lower the Cost on Flowers

I like to have a nice garden, one with lots of color and life in it. However to get some of the really nice looking flowers you can end up spending a lot of  money.

I go at it with a different approach, the frugal way! So before you go racing off to the garden center for your flowers check out these ideas and see if you can save yourself some money too.

This one I got 2 as they attract Hummingbirds

This one I got 2 as they attract hummingbirds

1. Stick with perennials.

This has got to be one of the biggest money savers. Perennials are the flowers and plants that will come up year after year. So you only have to buy them once and enjoy them for many years. Some varies tend to Continue reading

And The Grass Is Growing

This morning while I was watering my latest garden project I saw what I have been waiting for. I HAVE GRASS!!!

Can you see the small blades coming up?

Can you see all the small blades coming up?

I know what your thinking, Why is this exciting? You need to remember I have 2 big dogs and spring has just started. My lawn looks like a mix of dirt and patches of grass. So I did a small section to see if my grass seed from last year was still good. As you can see above it is growing very well.

I have to do my back yard in small sections as the dogs get free run of the yard, and the kids also are free to play as they see fit. This “trial” area was protected with nothing more than tomato cages.

1st Trial Spot

1st Trial Spot

As you can see from the picture I have many more spots to fill, thank you dogs.  I am quite happy with the small signs of life, and hoping it will fill the whole area once it all sprouts.


Are you interested in how I planted this seed? I have many more sections to do and have another method I would like to try. Look forward to that post coming once I get it planted and it starts to grow. Maybe as early as next week!   Or if you want to know NOW tell me in the comments below and if there is interest I could do a post per step and we can do it together.