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Birthday Invitations – Make your Own

Birthday parties are one of my favorite things to plan. Not only do I enjoy how happy the kids are when they see all my hard work, but I also have a lot of fun putting it all together.  If it wasn’t for Pinterest I’m sure this would be a different story 😉

Check out these awesome tips for make your own party invitation. Perfect for birthdays.

To make the birthday invitation fast and easy  I follow these 3 easy steps. Continue reading

Invitations, Wedding Invites The Frugal Way… A to Z Challenge

How I made my wedding invitations, they look great and best part is they only cost me $10!
Wedding Invitations, Modern layout. Take a print your own invite and make it your own.  Save on costs

I am always looking for a good deal, so as you can imagine once I got engaged I started looking for wedding items at a discount. I found my dress through Kijiji and saved tons on it. The second thing I found was my invitation. The local surplus store had a shelf full of wedding invitations for only $9.99. I looked through and found ones that I liked, all I needed to do was print them  from my computer. Continue reading