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So I tried Meal Planning from Sale Flyers

So this week I had planned to make my meal plan from the sales this week, like I have seen MANY other bloggers say they do. However once I had my list of sale items down I noticed I had nothing down that would make a meal. πŸ™

What's on sale

What’s on sale

I wondered how this was possible. Than as I thought I realized the only meat I really buy from the grocery store is chicken and ham. I get my beef from my sister (who is married to a beef farmer :). I get sausage and pork chops from the farmers market, unless there is some amazing sale. So if I am going to plan my meals around the meat I will not usually be able to go by the store sales. So where should I start.

I also discovered that although we eat pretty well right now I don’t have any go to book/record for all the things I make. I get some from a cookbook my grandma made me when I was younger, some from regular cookbooks, some from online, and some from memory. Clearly this way of doing things is not working for us. If it was we wouldn’t spend most nights trying to decide what to eat, or realizing too late that I should have put something in the slow cooker/oven before hand. This has led to too many dinners ordered in and too many last minute quick meals that not only cost more, but aren’t the healthiest option.

So for the time being, while I build up a list of foods that we eat, I am going to keep bringing things up from the basement freezer every Sunday night. Then plan my weekly meals around that. This week I did choose chicken stir-fry since peppers where a decent price πŸ™‚

So this is what my plans are for this week

Chicken & Potatoes crockpot stew
Chicken Thighs & BBQ in Slow-cooker – sidekicks or potatoes as side and frozen veg
Ham & Scalloped potatoes
Beef Roast – with roasted Potatoes & Frozen veg
Pulled BBQ beef sandwiches (use leftovers)
Pizza/Hot Dogs
Pork Chops – Twice Baked Potatoes – Beans
Chicken & Rice Stir-Fry

Lets see how this weeks goes!

First Week Of Menu Planning

To start planning my meals I am going to work with what I already have available in my house since I already have gone shopping for the week. What I am going to do later this week is sort out a β€œMaster Meals” list. This will help me keep track of the foods and recipes we make often to simplify things further.

Years a go I use to follow a website called Cindy’s Porch (has since changed to http://cannywomen.com/ ) and she had what I though was a good way to plan meals, I tried it a few times but since I was working at the time I could never stick to it.
So I am going to go from memory (and reading some of her current posts) and make my meal plan for the week based on the things I have already paid for. I am going to start in the freezer πŸ™‚

What is in here?

What is in here?

I wrote the items down on a scrap piece of paper (just cause that’s what I had near me at the time)
The main things that would make a meal, in my case it was ham, steak, chick thighs, frozen veg, Hotdogs, Pizza, Munchy Bits. (This is only my fridge freezer, I had already brought up items I wanted to get used up)

I looked in my home binder (NOT organized at all) and was able to find a monthly planning sheet I had in there. Just basically a calendar page without dates. So I wrote out what I was going to make each night, using the items in my freezer.

Here is my plan and some further info on why/how:
Make your own Pizza’s – I have all the basic stuff, just had to pull bacon out of freezer
Ham (in slow cooker), Sidekicks & Frozen Veg – Have them all
Steak & Baked Potato – can put together marinate in the morning
Leftovers!!! I usually make extra for left overs, if we don’t have any I can steal from next day or throw in a pizza or Hot Dogs
Munchy Bits – If you have ever had a combo platter at a restaurant this is the same idea but from home, we usually have chicken wings, sausage rolls, mini pizza, fries, onion rings… You get the idea, whatever we have in the freezer that sounds good.
We have a busy night Friday with Liz going to brownie camp so I thought this would be a good idea.
My Birthday Dinner Out!!! Not sure where yet but I am soo looking forward to it!
Chicken Thighs & Scalloped Potatoes – possibly both in the slow cooker (I love having two of them for this reason)

So I will try and stick with this for the week and see how it goes. I did the make your own pizza’s last night, they were missing a few toppings, since we didn’t already have them πŸ™ but still good.
I will keep you updated on my progress. Next step trying to plan my meals around the sales next week!

First Step

So I need to get things in order. To make my life easier, and to ensure I can continue to stay at home with the kids. I was going to start with doing up a proper budget. Even had most of it all written out. All I had to do was some research and put it in motion. Well then tonight I had to take the garbage out.
I know your wondering what that has to do with out finances. πŸ™‚ But I had to clean stuff out of the fridge and I had to toss Β½ a container of cottage cheese, and a whole container of sour cream cause they had both expired πŸ™

A tub of cottage cheese.

A tub of cottage cheese. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I HATE throwing out food. So this was not a happy moment for me. I decided I would start here with our food. I am going to have to start planning our meals. I have seen many different options for doing this, and will try a few of them out and let you know what worked for us and what didn’t. Hopefully I can find something simple that is easy to follow and allows for last minute changes, as we live in the real world and plans change sometimes.

So I am looking to Pinterest and previous things I have tried in hope to find a plan that work for us.