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How I Named My Blog

Trying to start and name a blog is no simple task. And deciding to do it was something I never thought I would do. However, I have been trying to sort out how I was going to get our lives in order. I tried a few different things but none of them have worked, most likely because I am such a procrastinator.  I would make plans to try something and never actually get to it. 🙂

Somehow the idea of tracking it all caught my attention. Then I was thinking about how I would stay on track, well if everyone knew what I was up to than I would have people keeping tabs on me. An extra incentive to get things done.
The answer to start a blog came from so many different areas. But the hard part came when I realized I had to get creative and come up with a name! This took some time, I checked out things on-line, found a post with top blog names, and found ideas about what to include and what NOT to include.

So I made a list of the things I plan to blog about.
Ways to save Money
Staying at home with the kids
All things around the house
Recipes and meal ideas
Pinterest stuff
Elimination Communication

So something about being a cheap mom 🙂
I discovered you want something catchy and easy to remember, and that no one was already using. I spent a few days thinking about this. I thought about using our last name as I saw some neat blogs that did that. Voyce, The voyce of …….. Total Blank. Plus I don’t want it too long, and how could I make it clear that I am a stay at home mom blogger? So I thought cheap, nicer word, frugal! YES Frugal Mom, OK that already exists. Can’t copy her. 🙁 What about Frugal stay at home mom, I did not like the way it sounded.

I was stuck, I really like the word frugal, as it doesn’t sound cheap but very clear you like to save money. I am also a stay at home mom and plan to stay that way. These things are the main part of what I will be writing about so I decided I had to get them into the name. I searched online for another way to say stay at home mom. (Have I mentioned I search the web for LOTS of stuff)
I did not like any of the options I found – homemaker, professional parent, domestic engineer, housewife. Nothing suited what I was trying to say. I spend everyday, 24 hours, with my baby taking care of the house is my full time job! Hmmm I’m a full time mom! I liked it, but Full Time Mom could be anything, and I wanted to stand out. I am a Frugal Full Time Mom!

Whats In A Name

Whats In A Name

I did a google search and no one was using the name, even checked twitter and facebook too. So I made it official, I started on twitter 🙂 Than I started the website, and have been going from there, trying to get things in order. At least if someone searches they will find me! The first step has been made, now the possibilities are endless!

If you are interested in what other steps I took to get things in order please leave a comment below and let me know I would be happy to share more.