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My Natural Homebirth Story

It took me about a day to completely believe that I actually had the kind of birth I wanted. The fact that it happened in our home was the icing on the cake. Here is the story of my labour and birth of my daughter Emily.

A Natural Home Birth Story. Even with back labour I did it!

Me 3 days before giving birth.

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Top 10 Things To Avoid To Have A Natural Birth

When I go about planning anything I usually start with the things I need to avoid in order to have the outcome I want. This was very true for planning a natural birth. So I looked at my previous labours & births. I looked at what went wrong with them. I read many books and made notes about what they suggest. I also asked my friends about their labours in case I overlooked something.

This is the list I have made of the top 10 things to avoid in order to have a natural birth. In my case I see natural birth as a birth that does not include drugs, or unnecessary interventions. Your thought might not be the same, you might be fine with drugs, and that’s fine everyone wants something different. You can still use many of these ideas to get the birth you want.

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