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Planning a Natural Birth? These things can help

There is much more to having a natural birth than hoping for it and it happening.

I found this out the hard way. My first birth I just planned on avoiding drugs and hoped for the best. My experience was far from what I expected or wanted. When it came to my second birth I did some extra reading, and exercised more this helped me 100% during early labour. However I still did not end up with the “natural” labour I wanted.

This time I pulled out all the stops. Not only did I do more reading, I also did some research and watched the proper movies. I felt prepared this time. I made many choices that got me to the outcome I wanted. What exactly have I done? Continue reading to find out.
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My Natural Homebirth Story

It took me about a day to completely believe that I actually had the kind of birth I wanted. The fact that it happened in our home was the icing on the cake. Here is the story of my labour and birth of my daughter Emily.

A Natural Home Birth Story. Even with back labour I did it!

Me 3 days before giving birth.

It was 5 days before my due date and I woke up from my afternoon nap with some cramping. Continue reading

Top 10 Things To Avoid To Have A Natural Birth

When I go about planning anything I usually start with the things I need to avoid in order to have the outcome I want. This was very true for planning a natural birth. So I looked at my previous labours & births. I looked at what went wrong with them. I read many books and made notes about what they suggest. I also asked my friends about their labours in case I overlooked something.

This is the list I have made of the top 10 things to avoid in order to have a natural birth. In my case I see natural birth as a birth that does not include drugs, or unnecessary interventions. Your thought might not be the same, you might be fine with drugs, and that’s fine everyone wants something different. You can still use many of these ideas to get the birth you want.

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Common Pregnancy Discomforts and Solutions

Pregnancy, for some women it is a time full of joy and pleasure.
Than there are women like me. Many times during our long nine months we are left wondering what we ever did to deserve such a horrible experience. The good news is we are not alone many mom-to-be’s experience the bad side of pregnancy, some worse than others.

It helps if you can remember that after enduring the discomforts for 9 months it will all end. And it will give you the greatest gift you could ever imagine.
I wish I had some magic solution that makes all the horrible pregnancy discomforts go away but I don’t, sorry 🙁 What I can offer you is how I have been able to handle the no so happy parts of pregnancy. Hopefully these are ideas you can use and they will help make these 9 months easier on you.

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How to Survive Horrible Morning Sickness

Originally this wasn’t going to a post of it’s own. I was working on general pregnancy problems and thought I could cover them all in one post. Well I quickly learnt that I had A LOT to say about morning sickness. It makes sense after all I spent 3 months on the couch battling to keep my eyes open. So here is the first post on common pregnancy problems.

Morning sickness, in my mind the worst part of pregnancy. Mostly because it lasts the longest. When it comes to morning sickness I am one of the VERY unlucky ones. This pregnancy even on prescription medication I was extremely sick. I was able to hold food down but I wasn’t able to hold my head up. There are things I wish I would have known before, and things I did that helped. I will offer help for the women who are similar to me, very sick and unable to function. If you are only a little sick count it as a blessing. Continue reading