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The Croods Party – Invitations

This year for my daughters birthday she decided she wanted to have a sleepover. So we choose a movie to create the theme around. This also gives them another activity to do while settling them down for bed. Watching the movie!

She choose The Croods.

The Croods

At first I thought planning based on a movie would make it much  easier to plan. But I quickly found out that since this a new movie there is not much out related to it yet. So I had to watch the movie and pull many things from it to create the perfect Croods party for my daughter, on my own.

Of course I used Pinterest to keep all these ideas in one place, to see the board check out here.

I started with the invitations. I used the printable ones found here. Regular printer paper didn’t quite seem right to me so we looked around the house for something else to print the invites on. I found a large amount of construction paper with all the kid’s craft stuff. So I printed them on construction paper, as it’s a bit tougher than regular paper.

The Croods Party Invites

I then filled them out with the party info.

Next I had to find envelopes for them. Since they are taller than a standard letter I needed a bigger envelope. I went to my box of envelopes and found some over sized ones. (I think they were left over from wedding invites I did for my sister).  They were so big however I could fit 2 invites in it. So to save money I just cut them in half, than taped up the cut side.

Croods Party Invite

As you can see it looks great. Can’t even tell it was taped. Everyone just throws out the envelope anyways so these worked great.

Next I had Liz decorate the envelopes to add some flare. She really enjoyed that part.

Croods Party Invite


Lucky for me most of the people that were  invited we see regularly or they live close by so we were able to hand deliver them. As clearly this envelope could not be sent through the mail.


My next project for the party is the “treat” for the girls. Once I figure out if my ideas will work I will share that too. Or you might have to wait until later this month when the party has passed.