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Credit card usage, are you looking out for you or for them?

Do you use your credit card regularly? They are almost a necessity now. You need to have one to book things, most commonly hotels or trips. Credit cards can be a very handy device to use. However if you don’t use them right they can end up costing you A LOT of money.
Learn how your credit cards can help you. Don't let them hold you back!

If you want your card to start working for you the time to start is now. Continue reading

Money Rebate Apps, Save Money At The Grocery Store

Here is a list of my favorite coupon rebate apps for saving money at the grocery store. I always check these cash back apps when I am checking flyers to make my weekly grocery list.

Apps that give you cash back on the groceries you buy. The end of cutting out coupons, just take a photo of your receipt and get cash back. It's that easy.

These apps are sort of like have electronic coupons, but you don’t have to deal with them in the store. Continue reading

Peak Time Change For Summer

If you live in an area that bills your for your electricity using the time of use electricity pricing, than it’s time to adjust your use. This will help you save money. The new times for summer took affect yesterday.

Time of Use Summer Hours

Personally I try to do most things that require electricity during off peak times. However most days there are things that just can’t wait until 7 at night, I aim to get these things done during mid-peak, so keeping track of this change is quite important.

I always try to save running the washer, dryer, dishwasher and vacuum during off peak times.  How do you use off peak time to save money?

Value of Your Time, Can You Afford To Stay At Home With Your Kids… A to Z Challenge

So you want to be a stay at home mom (or dad) but you just don’t know how you could ever afford it. Have you ever looked at how much it is costing you to work? That’s right it costs you money to work everyday. Especially if you have kids. Here is the break down I used when I looked at whether or not it was worth returning to work.

So you think you can't stay at home with the kids? Check out the break down of how much it costs you to work.

The first place I started was by Continue reading

Making the most of your paycheck… A to Z Challenge

This post has been posted during the Blogging from A to Z April Challenge.  It’s letter…..

Of course M has to stand for money! It is after all a big part of my blog. Mainly how to live within the money you already earn. I am going to take this chance to talk about that money. Are you getting the most from your paycheck? Did you know most companies offer more than just your hourly wage? Perhaps your hourly wage is lower due to the added perks your employer offers? I will cover the 4 extras that are usually forgotten about. Continue reading