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Cleaning My Windows With Only Water and Norwex!

How many times do you clean your windows in a month? How many times a year do you have to buy window cleaner and paper towels? How great do your windows look when freshly washed? Last question 🙂  How do you feel after cleaning the windows? Can you smell the cleaner, feel it on your hands, do you inhale what you are spraying?

I promise I have a reason for this long list of questions. But truly think about them for a minute. Many of us have been using “standard” cleaners for so long we haven’t stopped to think that there might be a better way. A greener, healthier, faster and cheaper way!

Want to clean your windows with just water AND have them shine like brand new? Than you have got to see what a Norwex basic package has done for my windows! Even the kids can help clean now.


I clean ALL my windows (and mirrors) with only water and my Norwex cloths!  The Enviro and Window cloths to be exact. I love the results! Check them out for yourself below. Continue reading