The Croods Birthday – Food!

Here is the foods and snacks I made for our Croods birthday party.  I have included links to the directions for each one.

All of the ideas I used can also be found on my Pinterest Board – The Croods Party

For dinner we had make your own kebabs. They worked out really well considering it was our first time doing any type of kebabs on our barbecue. I found the idea here. I only did chicken and hot dogs since it was a small group, and mostly kids.

The Croods Party, Kababs for Dinner

We also had deviled eggs with our dinner. A big hit with the kids. I dyed the eggs green because they chase down a green egg in the movie. This fun idea was found here.

The Croods Party - Colored Devil Eggs

We also had snacks of course. I made the bones just from looking at a picture online from pretzels, marsh-mellows & white chocolate. But for full directions the pin lead to here.

Bowl of Bones. Pretzels, Marshmallows and White Chocolate! Plus other food Ideas for The Croods Party

For something yummy to eat during the movie I decided that popcorn was appropriate. Plus as an added bonus there is popcorn in the movie! I found this fun colored popcorn but mine didn’t turn out as nice as her’s did. Make sure you have a deep bowl. I realized at the last minute the bowl I had planned on using was not mircowave safe. It still tasted great, but definitely needed more room to pop and get covered in the “candy”

Colored Popcorn and othe foods for a Croods Party

To save making 2 cakes (one for each party) I made large cupcakes for the kids party. I did the cake mix the same as I did for the cake to give it a zebra pattern. I than decorated the tops with colored icing to make the animal prints, and the words.

The Croods Party Cupcakes - and other food ideas


Simple and yummy foods that were perfect for our Croods Party!

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