The Number One Way I Save Money

There are many things I do to save money. A LOT of different things. I am already posting about cooking from scratch, coupon use, low cost party ideas and more. These are a few things I do to save money. But there is one main thing I do to save money. Can you guess what it is?



The #1 way that I save money is by not spending it! Almost sounds too basic right? But that’s what makes it so easy to follow. By not spending money you are able to save it. Now before you go thinking I mean not spending a cent let me assure you we own our home, have 2 vehicles and live a pretty average lifestyle. So not spending money does not mean going without.

Not spending money means you think about a purchase before making it. Do you really need that new blanket (when you have 4 in the closet at home). Will that $2 muffin be worth it (or could you make a whole batch at home). All the extras you spend money on can add up fast in a month. Don’t believe me? Try to track your spending for a month. Every dime you spend, every $2 coffee you grab. It all adds up, if you buy a coffee everyday that’s approximately $60 a month!

How I stick to this “rule” is by asking myself the same question every time I make a purchase. “Do I actually need this?” If I can’t think of an actual NEED for the item than I don’t buy it.  You also need to remember the difference between a NEED vs a WANT. If I absolutely need it I ask myself a few more questions. Is it on sale? Can I wait to purchase it? CAN I AFFORD IT (think about debt here)?  After these thoughts if I still feel that I need the item I will know my money is well spent. This is where having a budget can be a good thing. If you have given yourself $100 a month for “fun” money you can use that to cover the extra item you feel that you need.

It’s not about living without, it’s about living within your means.  If you feel like you are depriving yourself of things, than you are more likely to break down and spend WAY too much; usually all at once. If you spend within your means (or budget)now than you will have an easier time saving for the future.

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