Thomas the Train Birthday Cake

I had a lot of fun making this Thomas the Train birthday cake. It might have been a lot of work but my son LOVES it. The big smile on his face is what makes the extra work worth while.

Thomas The Train Birthday Cake

As always I used Pinterest for ideas. After searching for a bit I picked out my favorite ideas from a bunch of different birthday cakes and designed the cake I wanted to make. This one required some planning so I drew it out on paper first. I did a very rough draft, just enough so I knew what would fit where on the cake.

Once I had the cake made and iced in green I had to get the number 2 onto the cake. I used the actual Thomas train to trace the number on the cake. This gave me an outline to follow when I added the icing for the train tracks. It also helps keep the tracks all the same size.

Thomas The Train Birthday Cake - Outline the number with the train that goes on the cake!

To make the tree I built the “frame” with marshmallows, stuck together with icing in a pyramid shape. Than covered them in buttercream icing. I used only 1 marshmellow for the bush.

The rocks around the pond and surrounding the base are M&M’s. You could use rock candies but the M&M’s were on sale and William LOVES them so they were my first choice.

Thomas The Train Birthday Cake

What’s your favorite type of cake to make?

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16 thoughts on “Thomas the Train Birthday Cake

  1. This is a fantastic cake! I wanted to make one for my son, using your design. My son is turning two as well! How did you do the brown “wood” on train tracks? Is that a special tip for icing bag?

  2. My son is turning 2 next week. I have been searching for good birthday cake ideas and came across yours. I love it! The only thing I will have to change is Thomas. I will have to put Koko from chuggington on instead. 🙂 Everything about the cake is perfect for my son including his incredible love for M&M’s. So I just wanted to say thank you for sharing. I can’t wait to make it.

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  4. I love this idea and will be using this to make my son’s cake for his second birthday! Are the tracks just icing with brown coloring?

  5. Have You got the recipe for this cake please, my grandad is turning 75 next week and after working on the railway for about 40 odd years he loves trains!!

    Thanks xx

  6. Love this! I’ll be attempting this for my son’s birthday next week. What kind of pan did you bake your cake in?

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