Welcome Sparkles! Our Elf on the Shelf

We have a new addition to our household this Christmas, her name is Sparkles. She is our elf on the shelf.
My daughter had asked a lot last year why a bunch of her friends had elves and she didn’t. I told her she most likely did have an elf  watching her, but perhaps they were just too shy to come out and play. This answer made her happy. I told her maybe we would adopt one this year so that the elf would know she is welcome in our home. Well that girl has a good memory, or thanks to the stores she saw it and it helped jog her memory.

Either way one day she was shopping with her grandma and she chose to bring home her own elf on the shelf. I was ok with this as I had planned on searching for one for her and grandma had saved me the trouble! Also saved me the adoption cost which I’ll never complain about.

Welcome Sparkles our Elf on the Shelf

Now that it’s the end of November, we have snow on the ground and Christmas decorations going up I think that Sparkles is going to start playing around the house.
I will be posting her adventures on my Facebook page, and hopefully sharing on twitter as well. So if you don’t already follow me there now is the time to start. I will update here as well but it might be only once a week.

Here is her first night with us. She escaped from her box than found the closest



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