What Did You Put In My Coffee?

The other day my hubby wanted a coffee to take with us for grocery shopping. As I was making it for him I realized we had run out of milk. There is no way that my hubby would drink the coffee black. So I searched the cupboard and freezer for an option, I found one and waited to see if he noticed the switch.

What did you put in my coffee? BREASTMILK!

So he noticed. What kind of milk did I use? Breastmilk! Yes that’s right I had some breastmilk in the freezer and thought it could work. So I thawed it out, and used it as milk in his coffee.
It’s good for you so what could it hurt. When I got back to the car I told him it was breastmilk. He was a bit shocked, and ended up making a joke about it for quite awhile after.

Did he drink his coffee? Yes he did, all of it! Only after I confirmed many times that it was perfectly fine milk and healthy too. It must not have tasted that weird.

Have you ever used breast milk for anything other than feeding a baby? What did you try and how did it turn out?

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