Why I Use Cloth Diapers.

Why did I start using cloth diapers? I can’t sum it up with just one reason so here are the top 4 reason why I chose to use cloth diapers for my younger kids.

Why do I use cloth diapers? Check out why, and maybe decided u can make the switch too.

They are cost effective

In the long run using cloth diapers saves you lots of money. You have to spend a bit up front but then they last you for the whole time you child is in diapers. They can also be used with future children which makes the cost MUCH lower. I spent less than $300 on all the cloth diapers for my son. And they are all being used again with my daughter. Purchasing them used can keep it affordable. It also gives you a chance to decide what type of diaper you like before investing in a bunch of them.

Cloth vs Disposable Diapers

They are good for the environment

Disposable diapers spend hundreds of years in the landfill. I once read that if Christopher Columbus had worn disposable diapers his diapers would still be in the landfill today! Now that is something that gets you thinking. When you use cloth diapers you are not adding to the already too full landfill. Even better you are not adding to all of the pollution caused by creating the disposable diapers in manufacturing and trucking.

Cloth Diapers in the landfill


They do not contain scary chemicals

Do you know what is in disposable diapers? Do you realize what is sitting next to your child’s skin for around 23 hours a day? To name a few of the chemicals : dioxins, Sodium polycarbonate (This chemical was removed from tampons due to toxic shock syndrome concerns), tributyl-tin (TBT), VOCs.  What is in cloth diapers? Cotton, bamboo and/or microfiber.  Much better things to have next to your babies bottom.

What is in disposable diapers? Check out why I use cloth

They make potty training easier

Although I personally will not need to worry about potty training (because we use elimination communication). Using cloth diapers can help you start potty training earlier and make the process faster. Simply put if they can feel they are wet then they will start to tell you. If they don’t feel the wet they will have no reason to stop peeing in their pants.


I LOVE my cloth diapers and these are only my top 4 reasons why I use them. I started out using them to save money, then it turned into so much more. If you are thinking about using cloth I would say GO FOR IT! It is likely a decision you will not regret.


Do you use cloth diapers? What’s your number 1 reason why?


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2 thoughts on “Why I Use Cloth Diapers.

  1. No, I didn’t use cloth diapers back in the day. I considered it for a very brief time; but thinking back to years of babysitting I remembered how much I disliked them. How messy they were and decided against it. Had a few friends who’s kids always had terrible diaper rash which they attributed to them, so that was another reason. Plus, being a full-time office manager of an urgent care facility…I needed every ounce of time I could get. Disp. was much easier and quicker. I think the ones nowdays are worse for the environment then the ones we had back in my day. Ours were much smaller, lighter weight and they tore apart so you could really diminish the volume of waste. The ones now are much more like actually panties it seems with more elastic, more fabric period.

  2. I used cloth diapers with my first child. For some of the same reasons you did. Also, back then, was healthier for the child’s bottom. But they didn’t make the nifty kind like in your photo then. And it got old real quick. And I wimped out and went to disposable. To be honest, our disposable diapers with my second child were used to help hubby reclaim land that was eroding away near our home. Diapers and metal. Then dirt on top.

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