Dirty Window Jams? No Problem!

While taking care of some spring cleaning I discovered the jams of my windows had gotten pretty gross!!!

Before Window Sill

I already had my dusting mitt ready to do my screens so I figured why not see if it can handle this mess too. That would also help keep my EnviroCloth clean to do more windows!

First I dusted up the dry stuff
Dry Dusting Window Sill

See all that stuff stuck to the mitt?!?!

Dusting Mitt

Then I got part of my mitt wet and wiped again!
The “caked on” black came right off. I remember previous years having to go through MANY paper towels and sprays of cleaner to get this stuff off. I was always glad to be near an open window too đŸ˜‰

After Window Sill

I saved so much time I was able to tackle all the windows on my main floor!! It feels great that I can tackle such a mess without harsh chemicals and so quickly too!

Have you ever used your dusting mitt wet to clean something surprising? Tell me about it in the comments below!

Window Sill Dusting Mitt

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