Xtra Help For Kids Who Can’t Focus… A to Z Challenge

I spend a lot of time concentrating my blog posts on my younger kids, so here is one geared toward the older kids. My daughter has problems in school. She is very easily distracted and has problems getting her work completed in the time given. She’s very smart and understands the work, she just has a problem getting her ideas down on paper.

We have looked at a few options (one that resulted in her getting glasses due to her eye’s not focusing properly) and still with all the adjustments we  have made she still continues to struggle. So I am going to start spending more time with her, helping her to focus on a tasks. Hopefully these ideas will help make the school work easier. We are trying our hardest to avoid medicating her as I don’t think that is in her best interests (she is in no way hyper in class, she just prefers to daydream).

Here are a few things I am going to try with her. I will update you after I have started a few and if there is any improvement.


 Yoga by Lil’ Zen Yogis


Food that can help by Mama OT


Help with Homework Hang Ups by Embrace Your Chaos

Tips to Help Kids Focus by Huffington Post


Have you ever dealt with a child who had focusing issues? Did you find anything that worked well, or things that didn’t work at all? Feel free to share them in the comments below.


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